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Professional hairdressing scissors - Scissors tailored for hair

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Pinin and the birth of his lines 1942-1964-2001
We want to be players in the world of creative in expressing the highest quality steel in each market segment served. Constant attention to the needs of a cosmopolitan consumer in constant change, pursuing excellence and innovation in a continuous dialogue between passion and experience.
Creativity and quality. Centrality of the creative function. Careful research and selection of materials. Total control of all stages of processing. Differentiation and selection. Multiple styles. Offer broad and diverse. Flexibility and efficiency. Production processes and logistics best. Sourcing management, in compliance with the highest quality of product. Continuity and innovation. Use of distinctive characteristics of each sector or product line. Centrality of the consumer, reminding us that those carrying out dreams of our consumers.
Dreams that we try to perpetuate through the three lines that Pinin proposed retracing the steps of the most important: Casablanca - legendary film of'42 where time seems not to have taken the object of worship for the younger generations of half the world, a perfect amalgam of sounds, genres, archetypes and stereotypes of imagination collective memorable gallery of characters great and small . They echo the names of the great actresses of quegl'anni giving their names to the forefront of scissors.
Topkapi - the'64 film that tells of a band lestofanti that manages to steal the precious dagger from the Topkapi museum in Istanbul. A coup executed, a fatal mistake loses them all. The actors are brilliant as the color that uses the wonders of the Topkapi museum. The line includes the names of the stars of the time.
Moulin Rouge - The Australian dressing makes this a musical of 2001 atypical ready to meet the general public and Ewan intones repeatedly "My Song" by Elton John and if there is then given the opportunity to listen to songs of Queen of Sting, Paul McCartney, all that remains is attracting quality and never make the game sterile. Just like this Top line with its acute beauty and art in the truest sense of the word. Art we encounter in the names offered by the best actresses of that year.

A history of continuous innovation.
Every single creation "Pinin" tells the story.
It is a story that speaks of traditional craftsmanship, is the story dell'orgoglio and passion of the master craftsmen in which Paul Fazzini, the holder, has always believed. These values allow us to perceive something that goes beyond the exterior beauty: there is a soul, and it shows.
For decades (1940) the name "Pinin" is unmistakably linked to the line and the exceptional quality of its products, irrefutable symbols of a certain lifestyle, which are distinguished for their classical beauty, harmony of shapes and for the refined elegance.
Their implementation requires utmost professionalism and constant quest for perfection.
The exclusive "Pinin", created for those who love object "jewel", are the result of more refined handed to Paul Fazzini.
For metals used for the quality of stones, for the reliability of the movement, each product is a value that is perpetuated in time.
You are strong points from 1940 to today
Matrix craft
The importance of stage design deep knowledge of the subject fusion between innovation and tradition of quality research continues Attention to these elements have turned into a history that now makes its production on medium high bands of the market and points to a diversification of proposals through a variety of products.
"Pinin" brand which has a reputation for wide level, offers a variety of lines ranging from scissors to cutters, knives from all'oggettistica and jewelry.
"Pinin" plays a role as a protagonist in the field of scissors, with a rich and diversified product offerings and cutting accessories.
In the selective market of fashion and luxury, "Pinin" has a portfolio of brands, among them complementary, with a presence rooted, high brand recognition and strong.

PAUL FAZZINI (Pinin) was born in Premana in 1895, was orphaned at 11 years for the Venice where the Bottega the learns Paterna first notions of forging and treatment Community. At 16 years old, moved to Verona by his uncle, it refines the art dell'affilatura scissors, knives and even razors.
It's in 1940 after both wander before then Milan Torino, whilst continuing its work arrotino and manufacturer of scissors and blades, which finally returns to Premana where the artisanal production of scissors, now this.
In 1964, the son FAZZINI FABIO child after the death of his father and the abandonment of the brothers continue the work begun at the time. To him the difficult task of "separate" its work.
Start recording the mark Due Spade in 1965.
Recalling the principles dictated by her father, Fabio began experimenting with new techniques in the processing and treatment, to follow the model of quality of the German market (Solingen).
It was in 2001 that the company after the takeover of FAZZINI PAUL grandson, namesake of his grandfather, takes its current name Pinin Scissors sas in his memory.
To highlight the history of Pinin, is a deep bond with the workmanship, processing industry along the arc of Three Generations and with the advent of the third millennium.
Born a New Line marked with the brand PininInox.

The production of hairdressing scissors, the Pinin divided into three business lines spanning the entire sector of the market by offering a wide range of styles and products.
The world of "creations in steel" is now a context that expresses values of style and research, creativity and innovation, technology and craftsmanship, whose distinctive feature is the ability to merge different souls in a harmonious balance .
In this scenario, overall, the real perpetrators are those that offer a compelling value proposition, which integrates a wide variety of products and brands with quality and variety coexist with the gratification of the consumer.
Today, after years of innovation, are the same principles that distinguish the product Pinin. The qualities that Paul Fazzini is now able to offer passes through ancient processes associated with a constantly changing materials, processing until confezionemento final.
Thanks to a work still carried out for 90% manually, Pinin is able to create lines in custom design and special treatments, serving customers increasingly careful that want to buy products qualified and guaranteed Pinin.


Dell'impugnatura design makes it extremely comfortable during the cut, is a model long used and appreciated. From detect balancing with short blades and handle more elongated. The range is equipped with silencers.
Steel: 440C forged with heat treatment at different discovery that allows to optimize the ratio between the high hardness edge accentuated with the elasticity of scissors. Lama: Microgrid cutting, either a 6000 gridd grinding and grinding concave blade with a razor wire. Fulcrum: Perno adjustable screw.

Scissors from sfoltitura be used to reverse, with 30 sprockets rounded shape that favors the work. Its use gives a sense of regularity in cutting and guarantees maximum stability and strength enhanced, so advise which range from sfoltitura principal. The model is equipped with silencers.
Materials: Stainless cobalt V10 forged with heat treatment at double selective discovery that allows you to mediate between optimizing the cutting edge of high hardness and elasticity of considerable range. Lama: Microgrid cutting, either a 9000 gridd grinding and grinding concave blade with a razor wire. Fulcrum: Perno adjustable screw.
Scissors from sfoltitura double, with active and inactive blade rounded, but both suited to sfoltitura. Model designed to be cut without regular attack and keep the hair. It is equipped with a silencer.
Materials: Stainless ATS from sintered powder with heat treatment at three selective discovery that makes the best compromise between cutting edge of high hardness and high elasticity of scissors. Lama: Microgrid cutting, either a correction 15,000 gridd and internal grinding convex / concave, low contact, razor wire. Fulcrum: pin voltages adjustable.

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