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Best Hair Salon Torre del Greco, Naples

Via Nazionale 991, 80059 Torre del Greco (Napoli), Italia - -

Best hairdressers Torre del Greco - Naples

Giovanni Galantuomo Stylist - Modeling a material, daring with creativity, expressing oneself through one's own dexterity, using the right tools, are characteristics that correspond to artistic and craft forms. In this case the material is the hair, the creativity applied on new cuts, dyes, hairstyles, the tools are scissors, combs, products.
As in art, masterpieces are born, so, in the hairstylist sector, real talents emerge capable, in a few years, of becoming a stylistic and technical reference point for all the insiders. Giovanni Galantuomo is just one of these!
School Vidal Sassoon, long apprenticeship in the academy and in the Tony & Guy salons, numerous national and international awards, after having traveled the length and breadth of Europe, returns to his beloved hometown and decides to make us fall in love with his never banal creations.
Lover of cut and hairstyle, makes elegance a real religion, without, however, losing the humility and the genuineness of his land: the real Made in Italy.

Gianni Galantuomo and his team are specialized in avant-garde colors, thanks to the use of high performance and high quality organic products. For his beauty Atelier Gianni uses the professionalism of the Biosthetique brand products to realize its technical and stylistic services. The attention to the customer in its uniqueness and the effort to make every wish come true makes the Salone the ideal destination for those who want to rebuild their look or improve their image.

The modern and welcoming lounge is decorated in neutral tones and stylish elements such as full-length mirrors and exposed brick walls. The atmosphere is youthful and sparkling like Gianni Galantuomo's Team, who is always ready to satisfy the requests of the customers, even the most demanding.

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